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  • Darrell W. , The Martial Arts Center Testimonials

    This place has exceeded my expectations. My 3 kids were there for the summer camp and do karate 3 times a week. They absolutely love it and have become even more respectful and helpful then they were already. The staff is wonderful and take their time with the students and give everyone a chance to excel at their own pace. Very friendly and courteous as well as knowledgeable. The staff addresses any concerns or questions you may have quickly and if they don't have the answer they will get it for you without hesitation. I highly recommend THE MARTIAL ARTS CENTER for all people of all ages and levels.

    Darrell W.
  • Evelyn C., The Martial Arts Center Testimonials

    I love this place!! The staff is amazing and I'm seeing so much change in Ethan since he started there. He loves going to karate and he always asking me if he going to karate on days he doesn't go on. This was the best decision we made putting him in here.

    Evelyn C.
  • Trina L. , The Martial Arts Center Testimonials

    The staff are very helpful and great with the kids. They have lots of class times, affordable price, and tons of fun activities for the kids. My daughter loves this place and is practicing Karate all the time now. They do a great job motivating the kids and teaching them about important values. The kids aren't competing but working together to learn and its great to see. Would definitely recommend!

    Trina L.
  • Christine B. , The Martial Arts Center Testimonials

    The coaching staff at the MAC has every individual members needs at the forefront of their priorities. If a child struggles with something they provide the love and guidance needed to help them achieve what they want to. I love this place and have thoroughly enjoyed watching my child thrive here!

    Christine B.
  • D M. , The Martial Arts Center Testimonials

    Great people and atmosphere. Both kids are learning a lot and are enjoying every part of the training.

    D M.
  • Matthew S. , The Martial Arts Center Testimonials

    Great place for people of all ages the instructors are the best you will ever find and the knowledge you learn will last you an entire life time.

    Matthew S.
  • Chris P., The Martial Arts Center Testimonials

    This place is great!  The instructors are patient, kind, motivational, and truly love what they do.  They teach respect for authority, our country, and others.  The owner is a wonderful woman that has a sweet and generous spirit.  You will not regret being a part of this organization.

    Chris P.
  • Fonseca-Comber B. , The Martial Arts Center Testimonials

    My daughter literally cries on the days she doesn't have karate ! She tells me how much she loves it and I see a huge change in her behavior since she's started. It took a few weeks for her to get in the groove but I'm glad we stuck it out because it really has been awesome for all of us. I'm not sure how other places work, but the MAC has been super supportive and they really do get to know each and every kid and care about each one equally. Very happy to say we go here! Love it

    Fonseca-Comber B.
  • Melissa L. , The Martial Arts Center Testimonials

    We have been studying at this studio for about 3 months.  The staff are always very helpful,  willing to answer questions and really make you feel like they want you to be part of the family. I would highly recommended this as a great way to spend quality family time as well as a way to build your child's self confidence and respect for others and themselves.!

    Melissa L.
  • Christie C. , The Martial Arts Center Testimonials

    My child can't wait to go to class after school and early Saturday mornings, she loves it and her behavior started improving in the first week.

    Christie C.
  • Stacy L. , The Martial Arts Center Testimonials

    Both my teens train here.  The Martial arts center has become a family to us.  The facility is clean and the staff are welcoming.  You will always be treated with respect and kindness.  They have tons of activities for families.  Parents night out, aftercare, winter camps, spring camps and summer camps. The owner works hard to ensure that every student has the best training to defend yourself.  She teaches more than just how to break a board. Health, fitness, discipline, and integrity. I would not go anywhere else.

    Well worth every penny!

    Stacy L.
  • Scott W. , The Martial Arts Center Testimonials

    Love how well the staff interacts with each student on a personal and instructional level.

    Scott W.
  • Jeanine C., The Martial Arts Center Testimonials

    We love MAC!! My son can't wait for ninja class! The staff is awesome and the classes are so fun to watch! My son's favorite is ninja bowling and practicing his kicks!

    Jeanine C.
  • David P. , The Martial Arts Center Testimonials

    If you're looking for MMA or buttkicking, this probably isn't the place for you. But if you're interested in a place that helps build better people inside and out, come take a look.

    David P.
  • Flamela E., The Martial Arts Center Testimonials

    My son, Justin has been coming here for almost 4 years, he is 8 now and I have seen my son's focus and self-discipline improve so much.   The MAC has been like a 2nd family to us.  The instructors are awesome, who make it a point to see how he is doing socially and academically.   I am so glad we found this school!

    Flamela E.
  • Danielle R. , The Martial Arts Center Testimonials

    My kids have been going to Martial Arts Center for a few weeks and so far love it!!! I decided to sign them up for completely different reasons and this program is catered to each of them. My son has ADHD and struggles with focus, attention, follow thru and putting in the work, and doing something fast vs doing something right. My polar opposite daughter struggles with self-confidence and second-guessing herself. My youngest is a little on the shy side. In Just a few weeks I can see the impact the program has on each of them and has helped each of the completely different goals I've had for them. Hands down this program is awesome!

    Danielle R.
  • Elizabeth D., The Martial Arts Center Testimonials

    We love this place! My son has grown so much in so many ways! He was shy to go out on the mat until the staff worked with him. It took 4 separate visits to get him out there, now he looks forward to his classes every week!

    Elizabeth D.
  • Joseph T., The Martial Arts Center Testimonials

    The Martial Arts Center is a place where the family can be comfortable learning about discipline, respect, and honor. The studio's values are centered around personal development inside and out. My family has been a part of the MAC experience and have grown with the families that attend. Thank you for the experiences and the opportunities. We look forward to each future encounter as it challenges us every day. Special acknowledgment to the Alonso family who introduced us to the Art of Martial.

    Joseph T.
  • Heather H. , The Martial Arts Center Testimonials

    The staff is so kind and patient. We are so happy to have found them.

    Heather H.
  • Beulah S. , The Martial Arts Center Testimonials

    I cannot express in words what the MAC has done for both my son and I. We had tried many different sports and he did not stick to them. So we started at the MAC and the principles that are taught was finish what you start, give your best effort and never give up. For the first time my son completed what he started. He is now a self-confident young man at 16, a great student with respect and he has set some great goals for his future. He has made great choices, hangs out with the right crowd, health conscious, wants to succeed at all he does without giving up and even has his University chosen. Sixteen is supposed to be a difficult age but it has been easy for me raising this fine young man. I attribute this to the foundation that was set at the MAC and lessons he learned that was invaluable. I will recommend the MAC to everybody.

    Beulah S.


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